The Awakening

December 22, 2018

During those first few months staying at Swamiji’s ashram in a suburb of Madras I began to notice a profound shift in my awareness. While sitting in meditation 12 hours at a time each day, my awareness was liberated from my mind and the presence of God was no longer objectified by my mind or […]

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The Awakened Life – Spiritual Development Struggles

November 17, 2018

Some of these questions lend themselves to a great article. Here are some questions from a previous participant who is struggling with his spiritual development processes. HOW TO FIND TIME TO MEDITATE IN A BUSY LIFE He asked about meditating and in his busy life, finding time for this practice can be a challenge. We […]

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Awaken Your Soul at Meditation Centres During Your India Tour

September 15, 2018

The power of silence and getting yourself connected to God is a unique experience that leads you to a healthy and peaceful life. Today we all are leading a stressful life in the hustle and bustle of the cities. Being busy with the work, we forgot to taste the real bliss of life. To remain […]

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