Religion Should Promote Unity and Not Diversity

In order to promote love for God and not to create any discrepancies the leaders of the religion encouraged the people to worship ‘God.’ Who is God? God is the Creator of this Universe. He is super intelligent and does not need any present day technology to create or destroy any. He is omniscient and omni present. He occupies the hearts of His devotees. A true devotee is one who loves God and not love or fight in the name of God. God is great and His ways are inexplicable. So, we being human feel the necessity out of gratitude to bow to such a great being called God. When we worship Him, we are in fact worshipping and bowing to the divine qualities in him such as Selfless Love, Forbearance, Justice and Compassion. So we should always worship Him so that we are drenched in his divine qualities. God is only one but the names different religions attached to His being are different. So, different paths called religions arose in the name of devotion to God. The paths are different but the ultimate goal to reach the God is the same. Love for god is the same for any religion. When man is spiritual enough to worship God, why is he ignorant to realize the equality of divinity in all religions? Why does he fight in the name of religion? Will the Lord whom man worships and fights for, enjoys and takes happiness in these religious fights? Are we so ignorant and foolish to blame the Gods of other religions? Are they not one and the same? All religions are meant to promote love for God but never hatred towards others. No religion is great or to be blamed for reasons which are absolutely human.

For the society to live in peace and happiness, man needs to have Morality, Fear of sin and Love for God. When one has all the above three qualities he is fit to be an exemplary individual. When one has love for God, he will have fear of sin and will also be just in his thought, word and deed. To create love for God, these religions were originally created but the main aim has been diverted in the present day. Can’t we live peacefully without fighting in the name of religion? Silence is better than arguing aimlessly. If all of us minded our own religion without blaming each other religion, this earth would turn into heaven. Religious fights have become the characteristic feature of today’s life. Being citizens, we ought not to encourage such evil traits.

A truly religious person is not one who fights for religion but the one who loves God of any religion, the true meaning of religion being ‘Love for God.’

Education shouldn’t promote religious differences. It should in fact soften the life of man. Education is needed not only for mind but for soul too. It is only then will the man realize he is not to fight in the name of religion because any religion is meant to unite the individual with the divine. We see some faults in the teachings of religion as some of the people interpreted them in their own ways. Some took it to their advantage and started creating conflicts for their selfish motives. Every individual is gifted with the power of discrimination. Can’t we think for ourselves if the creation of conflicts in the name of Religion is for the welfare of the whole world or for their individual purposes? The love people have for Jesus, Allah, Ram, Buddha or any other God is the same but their paths are different according to their customs, the environment they are born and brought up and their cultural habits. Being human we tend to point out at the mistakes of other religions which are really not because we are not satisfied or confident of our own religion. It is not wrong in being religious. One has the freedom to forbid himself from worshipping different names and forms of God but he has absolutely no right to blame other religions. If we start doing it, our future generations also will learn this habit of blaming other religions and it goes on and on and this habitual chain never breaks up which ultimately leads to confusion and commotion in the living of humanity. Such mistakes or blunders will never be spared by the great one above who is a witness to all these religious fights.

It is our responsibility to look after the welfare of all the religions. When so many people believe in the existence of their religious Gods how can we deny their existence? Teaching and practicality might differ but are not impossible. At the end of this article many of your minds might think if I really follow the above. I really don’t blame other religions and though I am a Hindu I pray to Jesus, Allah and also Buddha. I sing their songs to my little child so that she gets habituated to their names and does not doubt their existence in the future. The only remedy to create religious harmony and spirituality is to teach and show our children not the forms of our religious God alone but that of others too. This way from their childhood they will have expansive knowledge and awareness of all the religions and their respective Gods and so they do not deny, fight or blame the existence of other religions and their Gods. Being spiritual is, being able to accept any religion or God.

“The more spiritual you are, the less difference you see.” -Sharmila Sanka

About the Author

With pride that I have been blessed with a human form, I always craved to grab any opportunity in order to utilize this human birth to the fullest and at last I found the answer to my craving mind and it was no other than ‘Spirituality.’

My little heart panged for the desire to quench my thirst of ‘releasing the heaviness’ which resided inside of it since years. It hungered after the soul within asking to reveal more of life – Materialistic and Spiritual in the form of Articles and Quotations which had the sole purpose of sharing it with other human beings not for name or fame but to tame this little mind towards the higher goal of ‘Global Peace’ on this earth plane.

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